NINE STRAY OKINAWANS – 50 years since then
Online Streaming


We are pleased to present an online stream of our show, performed on the 6th September 2020 at Atelier Mekaru Base, without a live audience.


The scene is set in Okinawa, 1972, just before the reversion to Mainland Japan. How did the Okinawan take the news, and what did they hope for?


How does it look to Okinawans, Japanese, and the world now - in 2020, almost 50 years hence?


A team of playwrights and performers based in Okinawa got together to create this tense straight play. You can watch it online through your PC or smartphone.


25 Oct. 2020 (Sun.) – 12 Dec. 2020 (Sat.)
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25 Oct. 2020 (Sun.) – 12 Dec. 2020 (Sat.)22:00




Online viewing       JPY1,600



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Nine Stray Okinawans – 50 years since then

Nine Stray Okinawans – 50 years since then

The team consisting of playwrights, a director and performers all from Okinawa got together to create this play, 70 years after WWII. In this play we witness the varying views and emotions of Okinawans on the eve of reversion to Mainland Japan. How did they take it? What did they hope for? What was the impact of the reversion on their lives and Okinawa?

This play was critically acclaimed at its premier in 2015, regarded as a truly Okinawan play. It depicts the subtle emotions of the Okinawans, which might only be understood by fellow Okinawans. It also shows Okinawans still living in contradictions, dispute and dialogue, as well as their hopes for the future.


2022 will be the 50th anniversary of Okinawa’s reversion to the Mainland. In this production a lot of changes were made in the script and direction, to present this theme not only as Okinawa’s problem but also that of Japan. Diverse performers gathered for this production - from contemporary stage actors, traditional Okinawan actor to Okinawan Kumiodori dancer.

<Author’s Comment>

This play casts many questions to all the Japanese people as well as Okinawans. What do we lack in our life in Japan? What should we really turn our eyes to? What are sacrificed for the peace and security of our everyday life? it’s not only about Okinawa – it could be anyone, anywhere, any environment.

I don’t believe that there must be one correct solution for all these issues. However, I still believe it’s worth sparing a bit of time to know a bit about them, and think how our life is built on those sacrifice and devotion.



Gakuji Awa (Director, Okinawa Art Culture Theater / Playwright / Actor)

Playwright:Gakuji Awa & Seiichiro Kuniyoshi
Direction:Shoichi Touyama


Yusaku Nakamine
Masaya Kuninaka (HATOS theater)
Noriko Inukai (Theatre Company “Mampuku Chusu”)
Hiroyuki Shimabukuro (TEAM SPOT JUMBLE)
Shoichi Touyama (Gloss Adult Company)
Jin-ichi Uza (Miyagi Genryu No-Shi No Kai)
Miki Uejo
Aya Ireijyo (Theatre Company Ayafune)
Keiichi Yonamine (TEAM SPOT JUMBLE)


Okinawa in 1972, just before the reversion to the Mainland. Eight Okinawans and a Mainlander in a room – an expert, a housewife, an old lady who survived WWII, etc.

“Could Japan avoid a war if another country tries to invade Japan?”

“What is it to become a part of the Mainland?”

“I want to say, with confidence, that we don’t need the Bases any more.”

“You say laziness and looseness are Okinawan virtues. Then accept the Bases and live lazily.”


Their views will never be reconciled – views on Okinawa, Japan, the war and eternal peace. The story develops into a whirlwind climax, which is the mirror image of Okinawan history.